Thursday, October 25, 2007

Keeping the lights on at West Marine

West Marine reported a tidy profit for the quarter today, thanks in no small part to my continued patronage. I swear, when I walk into my local West Marine the guys behind the counter yell, "Norm"!

Anyway, even though sales dropped for the quarter, profit was up 81% to $5.3 million. This is mostly due to the cost cutting measures West Marine has implemented over the past year or so.

“Despite continuing challenges arising from lower boat usage and boating market softness, the company has reported earnings progress year over year,” CEO Peter Harris said in a statement. “This growth reflects the results of continuing improvements in store merchandise assortments, store teams focused on customer service and steps to reduce costs.”

Nice job, West Marine! You're still my favorite store!

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MISSBAJA said...

Thats great to hear!