Wednesday, September 26, 2007

LifeTag - Now your GPS might just save your life...

Wow! Somebody over at Raymarine was really thinking when they came up with this!

Raymarine just introduced LifeTag, a wireless Man Overboard (MOB) system that can be fully integrated into all Raymarine C-Series and E-Series multifunction displays. Here is how it works:
The unit you see above is worn on each crewmember's wrist (or around a pet's neck, for our furry sea-going friends). The unit works on it's proximity to the base station. If the unit is immersed in water, travels further than 30 feet from the base unit, or the red panic button is pressed for more than 3 seconds the system's audible alarm is activated to alert the rest of the crew. Then the GPS kicks in and tracks the overboard crewmember, guiding the rescue to the exact location of the LifeTag.

The LifeTag starter system includes
2 LifeTag Wireless Pendants, LifeTag base station, batteries, straps, alarm module, power cable and handbook for $685. Additional LifeTag Pendants are $115 each. For larger boats that require more than a 30-foot range, additional RF Base Stations can be purchased to extend the range for $469. All these components are available through your local Raymarine dealer. I got the pricing from Raymarine's website, so I'm assuming that it is suggested retail.

On a side note, you don't just have to go overboard for this to be handy. If you're on a midnight watch and everyone is asleep when a fire breaks out on board, that panic button will come in mighty handy for waking everyone up and getting them to safety. You can bet one of these babies will be on my wrist for the next long-distance delivery I do!

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